11 Chrome Extensions To Easily Increase Your Productivity


Recently I did research and asked a couple of web developers from different teams of different companies. I asked for their list of best Chrome extensions used regularly or suggested to upcoming designers and developers in 2021 and 2022.

Also, as you know, Google Chrome is the most used internet browser by users, more than 60%, which is a vast number. And as the vast majority of us use Chrome, it made sense for a curated list of the ten excellent Chrome extensions for web developers and designers in the market, followed below as a listicle.

The following Chrome extensions have been tried, tested and the Learn WP Tutorials team thinks it will be a great addition to your list.

The 11 Best Chrome Extensions to Easily Increase Your Productivity


That’s when WhatFont helps you identify fonts on web pages quickly. With this chrome extension, you can get more details about the font details by hovering on the content. It is that effortless. It also detects the details like the Font Family, Font Style, Font Weight, Font Size, Line Height and Font Color. 100,000+ users use it.


Fireshot Chrome extension also helps in saving the captured screenshots to PDF/JPEG/GIF/PNG, upload, print, send to OneNote, clipboard or email.

You can get a perfect screenshot using this extension without requiring any extra permissions. The best part is this even works when offline as the screenshots are stored locally on your computer.

Eye Dropper

As soon as you click on the extension, a small zoomed-in popup window appears on your screen, which, when scrolled throughout your web page, helps you to find a colour easily. When detected, the colour results show you three different values, i.e. in HEX code, HSL & RGB, which is super cool.

It is an excellent tool for web designers and developers.

Window Resizer

The most common sizes like a mobile, tablet, desktop are covered, and the emulation of various screen resolutions looks pretty accurate.

Blur Web App

Blur web app can save hours of post-video-editing time. You can blur any element on the web page like text, image, input box or paragraphs with a single click. Also, you can select a particular area on your screen which you want to blur out while recording your screen. In the latest update, now you can keep blur even with reload of the web page. You can always clear all the blurred elements with a single click or click on any particular part to unblur it.

Blurweb.app Works with Zoom, Loom & Google Meet, Berrycast & More. There are two plans by Blurweb.app — Personal & Business. The difference between both plans is that you get 3 Active browsers/devices in Personal, whereas in Business Plan, you get up to 10 Active browsers/devices. And in the Business plan, you also get priority support and protect your business from leaking sensitive information by your employees. Apart from these all the features are more or less the same.

Blurweb.app is a simple and instrumental one for those who do a lot of video recordings or web developers who teach through videos. So Give a try of blurweb.app, a Vocal for local.

Check PricingBlurweb.app — Personal & Business Plan .


WhatRuns chrome extension detects almost everything that runs a website like its frameworks, web technologies, CMSs (and plugins used in it), JavaScript libraries, themes and fonts, and many other apps.

WhatRuns is less heavy on your browser. Not just that, WhatRuns helps you follow websites to get notified when they use new technologies or remove existing ones.

Install the WhatRuns chrome extension, select it while on a web page, and a popup window will appear to showcase all identifiable apps running on that website.

Page Ruler Redux

This extension measures the dimensions from your mouse pointer up/down and left/right until it hits a border. To calculate, select an area on your screen, and on the top of your page, it will show you the width and height of the chosen screen area and the distance from the left, top, right, and bottom of the screen.

Go check it out, and we are sure you will love it to measure things on the web page.

Check My Links

Check My Links Chrome extension is technically a developer’s friend. Also, this is very useful for SEO professionals to rectify link errors.

Once installed into Chrome browser, you would see a small checkmark icon in your top toolbar. Open any web page you want to assess, select the Check My Links icon and a popup window will appear with all links analysed.


You pick any element and choose any changes you want to make from the stylebot editor. You can change the font, colour, margins, visibility and a lot more. You can also code CSS manually if you are well versed. The changes are saved instantly on the stylebot editor.

To make the changes live on the website, you must copy and paste the auto-generated CSS code to your CMS platform and Boom.! Task Completed.

Clear Cache

Install the Clear Cache chrome extension and select the small recycle icon from your top toolbar to clear the browser cache. Once done, you can see the revised changes you did a minute back without any cache issues. This tool does what it’s developed to do.

You can customise what and how much of your data you want to clear on the options page, including Cache, App Cache, Cookies, Downloads, Form Data, etc.

Hoverify — Paid Extension

Hoverify Features are:

  • Inspector Tool — Hoverify makes it completely easy to inspect the HTML and CSS of any site by hovering over the element. You can even edit all the styles or copy styles of the component and export them to Codepen to preview further changes.
  • Colour Eyedropper Tool — Pick colours from anywhere on the web page, even images and iframes.
  • Responsive Tool — You can Preview any site or web page on multiple screen sizes in a single-window side by side. It brings down your development time.
  • Assets Tool — Extract photos, SVGs, and videos from any web pages and download them to your local computer with a click.
  • Built With Tool — Ever wondered what technologies a website uses. Now you can know that just with one click.
  • Screenshots Capture Tool — take a screenshot of the page or capture a screenshot of all the tabs at once.

Above all, Hoverify has a clean, user-friendly design, and you will love it.


Also, While conducting our 06 Day Elementor Workshop or Canva Workshop, students often find these Chrome extensions to be of great use in their journey of designing graphics and developing websites. That’s how we wrote this listicle, keeping the upcoming web designers and developers in mind and the non-coders who want to get things done effortlessly.

Let me know in the comments which chrome extension you liked the most.

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We share articles for you to learn more about the latest WordPress news, Elementor, WooCommerce and other new popular plugins and their updates in WordPress.