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The Elementor page builder has become one of the most popular page builder plugins for WordPress. Elementor has a visual drag and drop website builder, making it super easy for beginners, particularly if you have limited coding experience. So what makes a great Elementor theme? I mean, you can manage Elementor with any Theme — so why is it still worth querying out Which Theme is best for Elementor and 7 Best & Free Elementor themes?

Many beginners have doubts like what is Elementor in WordPress and is Elementor a Theme or Plugin for WordPress?

Lets quickly jump into each topic and learn about elementor, elementor themes and templates. If you want to skip the basics and directly check the 7 Best & Free Elementor Themes for WordPress for 2021, use the table of contents to jump straight to that specific section.

What is Elementor in WordPress?

The Elementor is the ultimate & free WordPress page builder that lets you create unique WordPress websites most easily and quickly. It replaces the traditional WordPress editor with a Frontend page builder which offers limitless design possibilities. The user interface is straightforward and friendly for beginners. Please take a look of it in the below video.

The column in the left-hand side has the widgets which you drag and drop in the right-hand side live builder to design the stunning website pages or landing page for your product or service.

Elementor is a plugin which does the functioning of page building in WordPress. There is various page builders plugin available in the market. But Elementor is the most popular in the market now, and more than 5,000,000+ Professionals are using the Elementor plugin for designing the websites and landing pages.

Yes, a beginner can use the Elementor core plugin for free with limited features, but it’s good to go option as it covers all the basic required functionalities. There is an Elementor Pro plugin for advanced users to purchase and increase your WordPress site’s functionality in designing the web page.
Some of the Elementor Pro features are:

  • Advanced Widgets.
  • Visual Form Builder + Popular Marketing Integrations. (For Lead Generation)
  • WooCommerce Builder + Over 15 Shop Widgets. Learn more about What is WooCoomerce.
  • Motion Effects Inc. Parallax & Mouse Effects.
  • Custom Design Header & Footer for your Website.
  • And many more features & 24/7 Premium Support.

The Elementor Pro plugin, pricing starts at $49 per year for one site, $99 per year for three websites, and $199 per year for unlimited sites. Visit the pricing page to read more.

Elementor works well with almost all WordPress theme. But some Themes are managed by developers who care about the compatibility with Elementor.
They offer you more functionality like

  • The global style controls: This includes the font, colour, etc.
  • Page-Level Controls: These come very handy when making a custom page design like controlling the page by page sidebar, disabling the headers and footers, hiding title and featured image, etc.
  • Swift Performance: Ultimately, everything depends on page speed. You don’t want a website or a Theme which loads slow making the user experience bad.

Elementor Themes

These are usual WordPress themes that work exceptionally well with the Elementor page builder plugin.

Elementor Templates

These are ready-made page layouts and templates that you can import via Elementor to make a web page or a landing page. You would still want a theme for your WordPress. However, these ready templates can save a lot of time versus planning a page from scratch. There are many websites from where you can download and import the best elementor templates for your website.

You can check my next article for best Elementor Templates Free and Pro: Where to Find 7 of the Best for 2021.

Elementor is free and open-source, which has allowed developers to extend the Elementor plugin with premium features and integrate further.

So some of the Premium features are available for free as add-on plugins which different developers have created.

Enough of basics, now let’s get into the main topic of finding which Theme is the best for Elementor or to say as the Top 7 Best & Free Elementor Themes for WordPress for 2021

7 Best & Free Elementor Themes for WordPress for 2021

Here are remarkable 7 Best Elementor Themes Free for WordPress that you can pick for your professional website. You can extend Elementor functionalities using Elementor Pro or Elementor Addons.

Hello Theme is a lightweight WordPress Theme by Elementor Team for Elementor website builder. It’s a light theme because there’s almost no styling and scripts. Also, since its from the same team, there is no doubt on the compatibility with Elementor. Elementor Team has focussed on the page load speed, and developers make sure that the Theme is always updated. Hello also supports all popular plugins of WordPress like Woocommerce, Advanced Custom Fields, etc. Hello Free Elementor Theme also available in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Website: Hello Elementor
Download: Hello Theme in WordPress Theme Directory

Astra Theme by Brainstorm Force is our favourite choice. In this website also we have used Astra Theme. We have used Astra Theme in more than 200+ websites we have built for our clients. It’s fast, powerful, user-friendly & customisable Theme that is customiser powered and SEO friendly. Astra has smooth integrations for plugins like WooCommerce, LearnDash and LifterLMS.

Astra and Elementor is a match made for each other. Astra has a full-length landing page explaining the compatibility with Elementor.

The Theme has over 50+ pre-built demo layout and templates full of Elementor-based websites, all installed with just a couple of clicks. Astra Theme Free version is available in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Apart from Astra’s free version, there is a Premium version known as Astra Pro, which enhances the Theme more with additional functionalities and customisation like better typography, more colours and background options, flexible layouts and multiple header designs. We like to recommend the $59 Astra Pro plan for you as we are also using the same.

Generate Press is another great lightweight WordPress free theme. It’s a well-constructed theme emphasising on usability and speed. The premium version is also excellent.

Like Astra, you get simple page-level controls that allow you:

  • Change sidebar or set custom footer layouts.
  • Enable/Disable header, navigation, featured image, title, or footer
  • Change the breadth of your pages (e.g. full-width vs boxed)

Although I believe Astra’s style controls go a tiny bit deeper for colours and typography than Generate Press. Apart from that its a Great Free Elementor Theme. Besides that Generate Press has launched a site library which helps you import pre-built demo sites engineered with Elementor similar to Astra Theme.

Generate Press also has a Premium Version which gives more customiser controls and features in Theme. If you want more advanced features and customisations, you can check the $59 GP Premium Theme.

Along with GeneratePress and Astra, OceanWP is the third Elementor theme that’s very popular between professionals who build Elementor websites for their clients. It’s scalable enough to serve well for both small and extensive sites. You’ll realise a ton of consistent features and points as you get with Astra and Generate Press theme. That is:

  • OceanWP is lightweight and developed to load fast.
  • You get precise global style controls for typography, colours, etc.
  • You get detailed page-level controls to vary layouts, enable/disable elements, and further controls for every individual page like Astra.

One space wherever OceanWP differs from those other two themes is free and premium extensions. You get some distinctive extensions like:

  • Popups — for WooCommerce login.
  • Stick anything — mount anything on your site sticky.
  • Social sharing — for Blog posts and WooCommerce Products
  • More features like Full Screen, Portfolio, etc.

And if you don’t need to build your Elementor site from scratch, Pre-built Demo sites are included in OceanWP supported by Elementor, and you can import with a couple of clicks like the above two alternative free themes.

Zakra Theme is a Responsive, Powerful, Lightweight Multi-Purpose WordPress Elementor theme and Zakra provides countless feasibilities to create your site in no time. It is fast, secure, and SEO friendly.

Like the above alternative themes, Zakra offers several starter demo sites supported by Elementor. Some demos are free, and some are available with the paid plan.

Zakra is highly suitable for business websites, niche-based websites, portfolios, personal blogs, and WooCommerce stores.
Some of the Features are :

  • SEO friendly
  • Page-level settings
  • Website Width Layouts
  • Translation ready
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Gutenberg ready
  • Responsive layout

Above all, it shows full compatibility with all the major WordPress plugins.

Like the above themes, the Free version is available in WordPress Directory and you if you want advanced features, you can try the $52 Personal Premium Version. They also offer Lifetime Deals which you can get at a much lower price.

Hestia Theme utilises a new material and modern style that integrates absolutely with the content you build with Elementor. Hestia is one of the themes that show up on official Elementor suggested Best Elementor Themes list apart from the above.

Hestia offers a neat one-page layout for the homepage, Supports WooCommerce, Uses the live WordPress Customizer for global style controls.

Hestia Theme fits small businesses (restaurants, wedding planners, sport/medical shops), creative business, corporate businesses, startups, online agencies and firms, e-commerce (WooCommerce), and freelancers.

Like the above best elementor themes, it also has Hestia Pro, which has added features, demo sites, priority support and an option to white label the Theme.

Website: Hestia Theme
Download: Hestia Theme in the WordPress Theme Directory.

Neve has a minimalist appearance to assist users in building well-designed sites quick. With onboarding developed right into the dashboard, it’s easy to get started with any of its pre-built demos.

Neve produces an excellent partner as Elementor Theme because its fully-responsive, lightweight WordPress theme.

Neve is built with page-level settings to improve your Elementor designs’ canvas. Neve also comes with 25+ pre-built demo sites supported by Elementor website builder. These sites are from a range of niches like pharmacy, doctors, resume websites, restaurants, photography, events, business, and more.

Neve Free Version is available in the WordPress Theme Directory. Neve also has a PRO version similar to Hestia Theme. You can check the pricing of Neve Pro here.

And that wraps up my list of 7 Best & Free Elementor Themes for WordPress for 2021.


When it comes to developing your website, a page builder can take a lot of the initial stress out of the process. Combining the Elementor plugin and a compatible Elementor Theme can complement each other. Together with that if your Theme supports pre-built demo sites, then you can get a high-quality website up and running in no time.

Whether you be a professional making your portfolio website or a startup, small business, agency, and soo on, we suggest you get your website built using any one of the best elementor themes as mentioned above.

I have covered all the essential questions like Which Theme is best for Elementor, Is Elementor Compatible with all Themes? etc.

Still, if you have questions or any comments about the best free Elementor themes we have included in the above post? Please leave them in the comments section below!

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