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Jackson Monichan - Learn WP Tutorials
We share articles for you to learn more about the latest WordPress news, Elementor, WooCommerce and other new popular plugins and their updates in WordPress.

Having an Initial WordPress Setup Checklist means shaving hours off development time when there is an error with security or performance in the website. This WordPress setup checklist will help you to build your website faster and with a strong foundation. These steps are a must-do for each website, keeping the long run in mind.

You’re not doing the most basic required steps.

Usually, while starting a new WordPress project, We tend to forget some steps that is the most required for every website. You miss crucial steps which might save your life in future. Building WordPress websites the correct…


The Elementor page builder has become one of the most popular page builder plugins for WordPress. Elementor has a visual drag and drop website builder, making it super easy for beginners, particularly if you have limited coding experience. So what makes a great Elementor theme? I mean, you can manage Elementor with any Theme — so why is it still worth querying out Which Theme is best for Elementor and 7 Best & Free Elementor themes?

Many beginners have doubts like what is Elementor in WordPress and is Elementor a Theme or Plugin for WordPress?

Lets quickly jump into each…

Jackson Monichan - Learn WP Tutorials

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